Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This weeks entry to "100 Word Challenge".....Prompt Word: HANDSOME

If I close my eye, I can see him…..his groomed medium stature. The suit of choice for him today would be a handsome camel skin blazer, freshly pressed slacks, wingtips that would make newly polished brass look dull, and a perfectly knotted tie. His hair showed no signs of disorder, only an aroma of old spice and tiger stripe. His composure was that of a nobleman, his voice was that of a scholar. Most people refer to him as “Cap”, but I always called him “Papa”. The best part was I was the only one that could call him that….


  1. Really good, Aim!

    What is tiger stripe?

  2. Tiger stripe was a old fashion hair tonic that he used to buy at the barber shop! He didn't go out of the house without it.....kinda like the Aqua Net fetish my Mom had.

  3. I feel like I could recoginize your Papa in a crowd. Thanks.