Wednesday, October 13, 2010

100 Word Challenge - Vague Title: "You are My Masterpiece!"

I have artwork on my wall. To most, it only resembles a child’s scribble….unrecognizable to the human eye. At best, it could be a vague perception of an object….you now, those objects that appear in the clouds. I however, see a very clear masterpiece on my wall….
I see your golden blond hair...
I see your sparkling blue eyes...
I see your soothing smile…
I see your small hand fit perfectly into mine…
My red sharpie masterpiece is not for sale, and shall remain on my bedroom wall forever….never replaced with new paint. Like YOU, it could never be replaced….


  1. A beautiful reminder how precious our children are. Their gifts, no matter what shape they take, are as special as they are

    Lovely 100 Words.

  2. Beautiful. I love it...something we all have somewhere in our homes.