Friday, September 24, 2010

My Dear Son

This week's 100 word challenge.
The prompt: greater

My body is exhausted.
My mind is nonsensical.
My heart is disintegrated.
My spirit is bridled.
I am under persecution.

Your arms are long.
Your mind is mercurial.
Your heart is immense.
Your spirit is unrestricted.
Your endurance is undemonstrated.

Your eyes are young because my eyes are old.
Your mind is untested because my mind is spent.
Your heart in immature because my heart is rectified.
Your mind is newborn because my mind has ripened.
Your spirit is adorned because my spirit is released.
Your greater than I have ever been.
You will be become even greater….


  1. Amy! This is fantastic, I love it. Welcome to the challenge. Glad you're doing it.

  2. Welcome to the challenge! I love fresh blood. ;) But seriously, stunning first entry!