Sunday, September 5, 2010

He's a Momma's Boy

Been a while since my last post, but trust has been a little wild in the last couple of weeks.

I am only 37 years old, but I am wise beyond my years. Mainly due to the fact of everything that my tortured soul has seen and endured in these short years. I have heard the sounds that a dieing body makes more than a few times. I watched my Mom suffer and take her last breath at age 17. I held my sister's hand while her husband turned off her life support, learning that people don't die quickly after flipping the switch, unlike what movies portray...and I had to watch the most dignified, well respected man in my life ever, die without medical aide because that's what HE wanted. If I hadn't loved my Daddy more than life itself, I could have never adhered to his living will.....and those are just the big three. Believe me when I say, that there are many, many more memories that have scarred me with sleepless nights and unadulterated dreams...but none of them are equivalent to the fear I felt on the 21st of August....

  Aww, Saturday morning...sleep in, get up, go see Cayden the grand baby.....that is my ritual. On the 21st, my plans were no different. I always go to my mother-in-law's house to see my grand baby because we only get him 3 hours a week, so that's the best place to meet up so everyone can share their time with him. After KK's visit, I usually head to the jail to visit Cody, then head to Bowling Green to eat and do some necessary shopping. But on this said say, my routine got interuppted.

 Me and K-Bug was on the couch snapping pictures for facebook upload, when all of a sudden a flood of sirens poured by. Moments later, my mother-in-law's cell rang. It was her son wanting to know where everyone was, said that he had heard that there was a bad wreck out hwy 100 and that life flight had been dispatched (everyone in this small town has scanners). Calls like these are not uncommon, we live in a small town and we are tightly knit (the family), and whenever we hear of a wreck or hear sirens, we all start calling each other....I call the mother-in-law, she calls the daughter, daughter calls the get the picture. This time was no different except for the fact that most of us were at her house and accounted for, however her youngest sister-in-law, the baby of the bunch, lived out hwy 100 and we all knew she was getting ready to head into town to see Cayden. My mother-in-law quickly called her to confirm that she was ok, and she was...she hadn't even left her house yet. There was a instant sense of relief among us, then my middle son, Colton, asked my mother-in-law to ride "out that way" to check things out. This was very uncommon. "Why would you do that?!", I asked....."Dunno, just feel ike it", he replied.....and off they went.

Minutes after they left...
Husband: "Where is Christain?"
Me: "I just called him and told him to come home, he spent the night with Rippy"
Husband: "Where does Rippy live?"
Me: "Out hwy 98....I think"
Husband: "Call him"
Me: "I just did, he didn't answer. You know, he won't answer the phone when he is driving; Duh!"

Hubby's phone rang.....
Hubby: "Oh my God...OK OK....I am on my way"

Hubby didn't answer me.....just give me that look, you know what look I am talking about....and he dashes out the door.

Ape shit y'all....I went ape shit. I had the babies, I couldn't leave them home alone. I ran into my father-in-law's bedroom, where he was laying in his bed recuperating from surgery. I was crying so bad, that he couldn't even understand me....all I could get out was, "I gotta go". He finally asked me enough questions to figure out what was going on, and out the door I flew. I could only assume that my husband had already left. I don't know if he had or not, I didn't look. All I saw was a car coming down the road.

My thoughts......"Transportation....I gotta get to the hospital....a car is quicker than running.....I need a car.....Transportation....I got to get to my baby......Oh my God......My baby.......Run in front on the car"

And that's exactly what I did....I ran in front of the car, luckily it stopped. I ran to the passenger door and jerked on the handle. Hopping in the front seat, I yelled at the driver, "Take me to the hospital! My kid has been in a wreck. Go, Go, GO!"

Driver: "What are you doing?"
Driver: "Ok, OK, calm down Mame...I'm going"
Me: *calling anyone that would answer, trying to figure out just how bad it is...praying, crying
Driver: *stops at the square's four way stop and just sits there
Me: "What the fuck are you doing? Go!
Driver: "Mame, you need to calm down, I am not from here, I don't know which way to turn"
Me: "Turn Left......OK OK.......turn right, here.....can you drive faster?"
Driver: "You know...I have been in the penitentiary"
Me: "What? I don't give a fuck, just take me to the fucking hospital dude!"
Driver: "I have been shot in the face too"
Me: "Turn here.......stop the car.......thank you"

I jumped out of the car, only in the drive way of the hospital, and began running towards the ER entrance. I heard tires squealing behind me. I turned around and looked, and the car jacked victim was getting the hell out of dodge. My cell phone rang, it was my husband. He wanted to know where I was. I told him I was standing outside the ER at the Scottsville hospital....he told me to stay there (really? where was I gonna go?)...he was on his way after me, that they were taking Christian to BG....he didn't know how bad it was, that they were leaving with him in an ambulance by the time he got there. So, there I stood....I still didn't know if my baby boy was alive, dead, blind, or burnt. All I wanted was to get to him, I am his Mother...I could take care of him if I could just get to him....

We were in the hubby's truck, driving as fast as the truck would allow us. This is when I learned that the truck has a sensor in it that kills the power at the speed of 98 miles per hour....or something close to that number. I called Colton and he told me that he was going to get Cayden, and take him home. I asked him where his Nanny was, and he told me that she was in the rig with Christian. He said, "Momma, the car is destroyed..I saw him...he's bloody and they (the EMT's) said he had a head injury. I called the mother-in-law....

Me: "Where are you"
MIL: "I'm in the front seat of the ambulance, we are on the interstate, cutting across to fairview"
Me: "Is he OK?"
MIL: "They have been working on him all the way here....I think so.....will you hurry?"
Me: "I am only a few minutes behind y'all, I'll be right there....tell him I love him...I am glad you are in there with him....Love you, see you in a minute.
MIL: Ok, Hurry...but be careful

We get to the ER, I don't think we even parked...we both just jumped out of the truck and started running. Inside the door, there was a lady behind a counter. I told her they had just brought my son in, and I needed in the back so I could see him....

Clerk: "Ok, calm down...your going to need to go to registration window #2 and give them some information."
Me: "Are you kidding me?"
Clerk: "It'll only take a moment Mame."
Me: "Look lady, I don't know if my son is going to live or not, and you want my insurance information? FUCK YOU AND YOUR INFORMATION...Let me through those doors!!
Clerk: "Mame, I don't even have a name for your son yet"
Me: "I know his name and that's all that matters...Let me back there now!!"
Me *called the Mother In law
Me: "Come open the damn door"

And that's just what she did......I finally got to see him. He had blood all over him, his clothes were ripped from his body...laying on a backboard and equipped with a neck brace....still strapped down. His eyes were glassy, tears pouring from them....I tried not to cry, I had to be strong for him.....I asked the Doctor if he was going to be OK....the Doctor told me that there seemed to be no broken bones, only a concussion and some cuts and bruises....said they would have to perform a C.A.T. scan to make sure there was no skull fractures or bleeding, but he should be fine....nothing life threatening.

He walked out of the hospital unassisted only a few short hours after the wreck.  How in the world could someone experience so much joy and so much pain in the same day?

But this is not where the story ends, but that is for another day....

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