Friday, February 10, 2012

I Need S'MORE Friends Like You!

Valentine's Treat Bags

I recently saw this cute idea on ....and was absolutely ecstatic about making them for my daughter's Valentine's party at school. I did have difficulty finding a downloadable template that would work with the bag that I had purchased (3"x4" plastic jewelry bags from the craft section at Wal-Mart), so I made my own!

In each bag, I placed the following:

2 small Graham Crackers (rectangular)
1 Miniature Hershey Bar
4 Miniature Marshmallows

(Snip topper below, copy, paste in Word, and resize to 3"x4")

Breaking the graham crackers into 4 sections was the hardest part...I keep breaking them apart uneven! (hehe) Once all items were zipped into the bag, I simply printed out the label and folded it over the top of the bag and stapled....waaalllhaaa!


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