Friday, November 5, 2010

This One is for "Real Wife"

So, I have a buddy at work....Mitch, aka Peanut Butter. We sit side by side in an open cubicles, and he is subjected daily to my constant outbursts, mumbles, aw-shits, blond moments, family problems, money problems, and stupid questions. He definitely has to be a good friend, for not moving his desk yet....hehe

Any who, one day his wife, Marsha, looked at him as said, "Amy is your work wife!". Don't get this twisted, this statement was not made out of jealously...she's just cool like that! Plus, she is a super awesome person. As a matter of fact, they are both pretty awesome. Neither one has a judgmental bone in their body, they are willing to help out anybody, unique in a good way, and stand behind what they believe in (no fence riding). In other words, they are themselves 24/7 and really don't care if you like it or not....(LOVE IT~) So, since the fore said comment...we have referred to each other as Work Wife & Real Wife.... now for the rest of the story:

A recent Facebook Posting of mine: "What's on my mind?" I hate meetings! Where should I put my Christmas tree this year? ACS boys are gonna take home state! Wonder what skin-so-soft is made of?

Real Wife's Comment: LOL Blog Post!

Here you go Real Wife....

Definition of my thought process:  Had a horrible day, that ended in a late afternoon meeting. One of those meetings where you count the tiles in the ceiling....Arrived home still bitter about the STUPID meeting, wishing I didn't have to work! Decided, not only did I have to work, I really need to work some overtime because Christmas is right around the corner......Oh man, Christmas! I always put up my Christmas tree up, the day after Thanksgiving, every year...where should I put it this year? Den or Living Room?...Gosh, I can't believe it's almost December...ewww ewww, State Play-off's are on Dec. 3rd! My ACS boys are gonna take it all this year!! That would be such a great life long memory for Christian....I am going to get that Shadowbox and frame his jersey for him so he can reminisce about these times, for years to come.....I need to get that jersey clean first! Damn grass stains! Oh, I know!! Skin-so-soft! That stuff will take out any it will also remove tar from your car.......damn, I take a bath in that shit too.....can't be good for ya.....wonder what it's made of?

Dadaaahh! I am not that crazy after I? ;-)


  1. WOW! That is one crazy string of thoughts, but I can relate. Thanks for the kind words, loveya Work Wife!!!

    ps I am happy to share him with you and he loves your little chipmunk.